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When will my Citrus arrive?

As a general pattern we dispatch on a Friday .
We take orders up to Wednesday afternoon for selection and packing on Thursday and to  dispatch on the Friday.
 Australia Post sort over the weekend so you're trees will be moving through the system, ready to start it's journey to you in that following week We will avoid dispatching when public holidays pose a risk for possibility of the tree sitting in a depot. WE DO NOT SHIP TO WA OVER THE SUMMER MONTHS.

Plants going into Tasmanian – Western Australia – and South Australia are required to be quarantined and inspected by an official AQIS inspector before dispatch. We are at the mercy of the rounds so a wait of up to three weeks can occur. Of course if you’d like to pay an additional $120 booking fee we can arrange an inspector to visit by appointment.

The Citrus Tree I want is out of Stock!

Sometimes we wish that we could just run the trees up on a sewing machine, but in reality it takes time to make a Citrus, we always have new batches coming along so the wait can be  around 6 months at most.
Ensure you notify us of you interest so that when the tree is back in stock you’ll receive an email.
Join up to our Face Book and Newsletter and you’ll always be in the loop with what’s going on.

Is my Citrus Tree going to travel well?

Citrus are mighty resilient trees and they travel beautifully well.  Stay vigilant - we dispatch using Australia Post and sometimes if you’re not at home they’ll leave a card for you to pick up you’re plant so hop to it.
Unpack your tree immediately and place in the shade for a day or two to adjust, a nice drink, for the tree, and a celebratory one for you, if you like. 

Check out the video on the home page to see how we pack the trees for dispatch.

Can I pick up?
We are online only.

Why don’t you have a Phone Number?
We prefer customers to contact us via email.. we can dedicate time to a response, we are not always in a position to answer the phone.. we’re looking after those citrus trees.. We’re good at email.

Can you send Citrus Overseas?
We are not able to ship our trees off shore….unless it’s to Tasmania or Lord Howe Island. Australia Only.

Do you sell Citrus Seeds?
We sell only premium grafted citrus trees. 
Growing citrus from seed is fraught and extremely slow. 
Invest in quality and citrus expertise, life’s too short.

When will they produce fruit?
Impossible to say in fact, it is very dependent on the variety, the conditions and care.
It would be possible to have fruit in the first 12 months more likely in the 2nd year and definitely in the 3rd year.
Importantly it is the tree you must nurture and develop. A strong healthy tree, will bear fruit easily and happily and for decades to come. Patience and appreciation results in the largest and tastiest crops of citrus.

What Conditions Suit Citrus?
Generally Citrus enjoy a sunny warm sheltered position in the garden.
They do not like strong winds. Citrus need a minimum of six hours sun to grow happily, with eight or more they’ll thrive.
Fertilise twice a year – join up to the email for tips and tricks on Citrus Care, we’ll remind you when it’s time to feed.

For information about Citrus Varieties, how to care for and grow citrus check out www.citrus2grow.com.au. It’s a site loaded with information, videos and all the latest citrus news.

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