Kaffir Lime & Lime - Citrus Splitzer

Limited Stock Available. These Citrus Splitzer are grown in a 165mm pot they are into their third year of growth.
Exceptional in quality they are a limited production run created especially for Citrus Men.

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Citrus Splitzer - Limited Stock Available.

The double grafted Citrus.

Citrus Splitzer provides you with two distinctly different citrus fruit on the one tree.

The citrus varieties used are the most compatible, the best performing and tasting citrus of the type.

Perfectly matched in vigour your pairing of citrus will grow evenly and equally as the tree develops over time, producing luscious crops of citrus fruit.

You will have two of these grafted onto your Citrus Splitzer as indicated by the label: Kaffir Lime & Lime (Kaffir lime & Tahitian Lime).

Ideally grow your Citrus Splitzer in a sunny and sheltered position in the garden, Citrus Splitzer also enjoy a potted life.

All Citrus Splitzers are grafted onto premium rootstock.

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